Edward Reynolds

Freedom from Judgment
9.5″x7″; paper collage; 2017

Edward Reynolds
Westminster, Colorado, USA


My goal, like many artists, is to evoke an emotion when my artwork is viewed. Sometimes the collages are funny or whimsical; other times they are melancholy, nostalgic, or somewhere in between.

I enjoy creating surreal dreamscapes and telling a story with the details inherent to the images. I seek to bring new life to the person or place in the image that I’ve uncovered—usually in an old, dusty magazine, book, or postcard. I may not know the name of the person I am cutting out but they had a life all their own; with hopes, fears, flaws, loved ones, and dreams. The image is a moment in time that I get to combine with other seemingly non-related moments to tell a story and add meaning to it all. That’s the beauty of collaging.


Edward Reynolds is from Oklahoma and currently resides in Denver, Colorado. After receiving a Bachelor and Masters degree in engineering, Edward quickly found he needed an artistic outlet in his life as a break from the dry, document-filled world of engineering. He can’t colour within the lines, so he started collaging, writing music, and pursuing other creative ventures.


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Seeking Adventure
7.5″x8″; paper collage; 2017

The Pull of Gravity
13.5″x7″; paper collage; 2018

Spaghetti Rowing
4.4″x6″; paper collage; 2017

10.7″x8.8″; paper collage; 2017