Jean Santoni

Florence Made in Japan
4″x5″; glue and papers, postcard; 2011

Jean Santoni
Sandillon, France


I’m completely influenced by the Surrealism movement, Ernst, Breton, Man Ray and Prévert. I combine images originally found in magazines with old postcards or my own pictures. I often use pictures of Corsica, because I want to show its beautiful landscape.


I’m self-taught. Taught by artists like Max Ernst or Prévert, I always would send my own postcards to my friends. Then, step by step, I got into this habit and, encouraged by my family, I created a website to show my work. Otherwise, I teach students with learning disabilities. I’m Corsican, so my country is one of my favourite subjects.


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Le chat beauté
5″x7″; glue, papers and picture; 2012

La sardine dans le port de Saint-Florent (Corsica)
4″x5″; glue and paper; 2010

En plein rêve
7″x5″; glue, papers and picture; 2013

Miss Dyslexia
7″x5″; glue and papers; 2015