Emily Marbach

We Are All a Patchwork
mixed media collage on paper; 2020

Emily Marbach
London, United Kingdom


I’m a true mixed-media collage artist as I draw upon my background in painting and printmaking when creating my pictures. Bits of paintings and prints are intermingled with found materials which enhances the texture of my work.

Collage is a struggle for me. I’ve been drawn to it for years and dedicated exclusively to it for at least the past five. But it wasn’t until my daily practice of it during Covid that I have been able to relax into the chaos it creates in my studio and find a route to its simplicity and power.


Emily Marbach is an American figurative artist based in London. Through painting landscapes and adding in narrative through small painted collaged figures, Emily entered the world of collage.

Combining collage and printmaking she has created a distinct style. Most notably Emily has had three pictures exhibited in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, at The Other Art Fair and in House and Gardens magazine.

Marbach’s most recent projects have been Jewish in theme. Back in September 2020, she exhibited a large collection of collages for the Hidden Identity Project’s “Sky of Stars” exhibition. The artwork explored the theme of the Bulgarian Jews’ experience during the Holocaust and the little known fact that none of the Jewish residents of Bulgaria were deported to the death camps.

Her other project is a book, the Collage Haggadah, which includes over seventy handmade collages exploring the themes of the Passover seder and the Israelite exodus from Egypt.

Emily is a largely self taught artist. She learned beyond the basics of collage from Randall Plowman, though and from reading and viewing other collage artist’s materials.


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Made for Walking
12″x8.75″; mixed media collage on paper; 2020
Heavy Necklace
16.75″x11.75″; mixed media collage on paper; 2020
Leaving Town
16.75″x11.75″; mixed media collage on paper; 2020
Always Difficult Times Now
6″x6.5″; mixed media collage on paper; 2020