Red Collage

Automaton from the “Train” series
27.6″x19.7″; mixed media; 2019

Red Collage
Bogota, Colombia


We are a group of three artists, who use their individual skills and practices to construct their own place of collage, from which they promote the importance of the collective in strengthening culture.

In addition to our common goal, collage has become a creative vehicle that unites us today around the same ideas and that combines disparate pieces, reinvents them and then turns them into new actors in the stories.

We create these stories by working solely out of respect for the other’s knowledge and where we are yielding, reaching agreements and transforming ourselves, allowing us to achieve a common goal.

To talk about collage is to talk about the vast wealth of experimentation with materials and the narrative use of the image as a source of expression of an idea that starts from a personal judgment. We direct that judgment towards the collective. When an object intervenes, we can give a new meaning by discarding or enhancing its previous meaning.

Our invitation is to observe each collage in a total and fragmented way; to build from subjectivity a sensitivity to creation; and to verify that the technique has the ability to transform and re-signify that collage is much more than the simple act of cutting and pasting.

Our eternal motto is: “We keep learning”. Each new opportunity and experience enriches our purpose. Collage is a way of life for us.


We are a collective dedicated to the construction of spaces for meeting and reflection on the collage technique in Colombia. The collective is Laura Macías, graphic designer and co-director of MÁGICA design and photography studio; Jorge Tukan, a visual artist whose illustrations have been published in various publications; and Sabrina Rodríguez, a plastic and visual artist and paper engineer.

Laura and Sabrina represent analog collage and Jorge represents digital collage.

Since 2017, we have presented seven workshops, six conferences, three calls to artists, and three exhibitions in Colombia. Our main objective is to give collage the place it deserves in our country.

We were invited to the first “Paste Up” International Collage Festival in Mexico City. We held four talks, two workshops and one exhibition featuring three works.

Since then, we produced “Collage Week: Between Analogue and Digital” in 2019 and 2020, which included a virtual component. We held free events and our first virtual workshop was for the Colombian Book Chamber, as part of the Book Festival for Children and Young People.


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Analogue and Digital
19.7″x13.8″; 2019
Analogue and Digital
10.2″x11″; 2020
df from the “Train” series
9″x8″; mixed media; 2019
Tribute to Edgar Allan Poe
12.2″x8.7″; mixed media; 2020