Enid Johnstone

Dragon Cake
11″x8″; vintage paper, paper placemat, watercolor, markers, dragon from The Resurrectionist on watercolor paper; 2023

Enid Johnstone
Florence, Italy


Death and rebirth, strength and vulnerability, angst and ease. My art tells tales of contradictions, of life as a constant motion of coming together and falling apart in an often comical world of opposites. I am inspired by beauty, ugliness, solitude, chaos, travel, color, order, changeability, moments of fleeting magic and giving a second life to forgotten things. I am a mixed media artist who combines drawings, paintings and photography in collage. I use oils, acrylics, watercolor, vintage paper and posters, glue and scissors on paper and canvas.


Mixed media artist and photographer Enid Johnstone explores opposites and polarity in her work. Her own life has been one of contrast, from her rural South African childhood to traveling the world and finding a sense of belonging in diverse communities on three continents. Her work integrates a love of storytelling with a strong sense of the absurd. Enid is currently based in Italy and her work is characterized by her unique blend of different media including paint, collage and photography. She has showcased her
work internationally and has private collectors globally.


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Fish Fashion
11″x8″; photograph, vintage magazine and acrylic monoprint on watercolor paper; 2023
Piggy Fashion
15″x11″; photograph, vintage magazine and acrylic monoprint on canvas board; 2023
Pink Protea
15″x24″; paper placemat, vintage magazine, acrylic monoprint on deli paper on mixed media paper; 2021
Tea Party
24″x15″; marker, recycled packaging, postcard, vintage catalogue, origami paper and gouache on mixed media paper; 2022