Vera Gierke

Cuba Loves a Convertible
12″x24″; paper on wood panel; 2019

Vera Gierke
Providence, Rhode Island, USA


I term my collages “A Fanciful View of a Realistic Subject”. My collages are more than what initially meets the eye. They offer the first view, the view from a distance. Then come in closer to see the fun detail–fun that’s been created by pulling together a variety of printed material.

In making my collages, I seek printed material that pertains to the subject or the message that I am putting into the work. From a distance, the collages create a charming or interesting picture, but there’s more to it when fully appreciated up close. Then the viewer sees what printed material was selected to be pertinent to the image and subject matter, yet adding interest to the collage.


Vera Gierke is an artist who grew up in New Jersey and has lived in Michigan, Indiana and Rhode Island, and seasonally on Nantucket. Living in Rhode Island, she engaged in a broad range of Continuing Education classes at Rhode Island School of Design and worked with a few local artists. With her developing interest in art, she joined the Providence Art Club where she continued to explore a variety of art classes: acrylic, oil, watercolor, drawing, printmaking, photography, photoshop and collage. Through these classes, Vera discovered a fascination with paper collage and has made that her favorite form of art. Her work is not abstract, rather she looks for a way to make an image or object different than what is expected, to add interest through the material used for the collage, and to entice the viewer to look at the work more carefully and mindfully.

Vera’s collages have recently been juried into Create! Magazine, LightSpaceTime, Art-Fluent, Contemporary Art Gallery Online and National Collage Society.


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Percival the Penguin
16″x12″; paper on wood panel; 2019
Three Beach Walkers
12″x24″; paper on wood panel; 2021
Union Square
12″x24″; paper on wood panel; 2021
Walk a Mile in Her Shoes
24″x24″; paper on canvas; 2012