Evelyn Rapin

Plants Music Peace with Three Nightingales
44″x30″; original collage: papers on paper; 2022

Evelyn Rapin
Kingston, Ontario, Canada


Much of my art practice is an exploration of music and its many facets whether it is a particular musical work, the structure of music or a composer’s creative process. The interest in musical themes unites my two dimensional compositions with a composer’s language of inner expression especially as the abstract quality of music lends itself nicely to painting or drawing. I believe in connections and cross-pollination between art forms. I fluctuate between painting, drawing and collage. The collage and pop art works started with my Brain on Music works—the idea that a musician/composer has this amazing imagination which produces incredible sounds and a visual experience. My intent is to reveal “sensation” and what is seen or remembered, an influence from Boccioni. So I want my artwork to replicate this idea of linking the external experience with internal emotion. My works starts with admiration, intuition and connection.


Evelyn Rapin is a professional artist living in Kingston, Ontario. Since completing a four-year Bachelor of Fine Art degree, she has participated in many exhibitions, and her artwork is in North American and European private and corporate collections. Her images have been in various publications such as JazzTimes and Musicworks Magazine, and used by the Toronto and MIT Symphony Orchestras to name a few.

She paints with oils or acrylics on birch board and creates drawings on paper often combining linoprints, photo transfers and pastels. Collage and pop art are other areas of interest. She sometimes produces a very limited edition of three or six archival reproductions from her original pop art works. These reveal colour variations on the original, whereby certain areas are highlighted or enhanced.


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Plants Music Peace
44″x30″; original collage: papers on paper; 2022
Musician with Skylarks
38″x25″; original collage: papers on paper; 2020