Judith Pelgrom

People Watching Art
60″x50″; paper and gouache paint; 2023

Judith Pelgrom
Amsterdam, Netherlands


It is fascinating to create collage art with existing imagery and contribute to the sustainability of storytelling through images. It’s a meditative process and once in that state, the only thing that exists is flow.

Creating any independent artwork consists of immersing myself in a visually dynamic process. I am able to start the creative process, from which the composition within the artwork becomes a new whole from the constituent parts. I work with paper and sometimes add gouache paint, my inspiration and series are “Nature is Art”, about my soft heart and admiration for the beauty of nature, and “Protest in Red” shows my rebellious side and my protest against the world we live in.


I am Judith Pelgrom, an Amsterdam-based collage artist with a fascination for creating visually rich pieces, with an emphasis on details and patterns. Inspired by decades of living and working abroad, my practice has developed since the mid-1980s to become an extension of my keen obsession with cultural trends and social commitment, fueling a passion for translating my observations through collage art.

Growing up in a very creative environment, with a father as a sculptor, and painter and a mother as a writer, I was stimulated to develop my own creativity. I learned at an early age to look with an open mind to the world and to be critical of any injustice done to people.


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People Sleeping/Insomnia
60″x50″; paper and gouache paint; 2023
6 pieces Portugal Inspired
60″x50″; paper; 2023
Nature Is Art
70″x50″; paper; 2023