Evelyne Chevallier

Gauchos and Mountains
26.6″x39.4″; paper; 2020

Evelyne Chevallier
Paris, France


To create my photocollages, I photograph landscapes and flowers, as well as architecture and, at the same time, all the graffiti I encounter. When I say “graffiti”, I mean solitary phrases scrawled on city or village walls, not the work of street artists.

During the pandemic and lockdown, I returned to Argentina for almost a year. As a result, my work has
evolved. From very wordy collages, I moved on to work that is stripped down, almost desert-like, both literally and figuratively. On the one hand, I minimize the graffiti in my collages, and, on the other, I’m photographing more of the exceptional landscapes that I’m lucky enough to be around. But collage is definitely an integral part of my work.


Evelyne Chevallier worked for 20 years in the world of photography as a producer, head of a photo department, project manager, journalist, and iconographer.

In 2010, during a trip to northern Argentina, she decided to settle there for a few years. Facing the Andes, the fascination with the power of nature, the recurring solitude of life in the desert, and the discovery of these “graffiti” words encouraged her to find an escape: digital photocollage. This now permanent work/passion, which began in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Bolivia has followed its path to France, New York, Montreal and Madrid to this day.


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The Diary of Gauchito Gil
26.6″x39.4″; paper; 2020
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23″x23″; paper; 2014
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