Marta Janik

Warsaw and a Whale
16.5″x23.4″; handmade collage; 2023

Marta Janik
Warsaw, Poland


I like to think that the art of collage is like the archeology of memory. I look for forgotten images and I give them a new life.

I am a collage artist (analog, digital, animation). I was born in Bydgoszcz, grew up in Cracow, and currently live in Warsaw. Previously, I lived in Berlin for seven years, where, among other things, I worked as a guide at the Salvador Dali Museum, tap-dancing and roller-skating. I am interested in surrealism, kitsch, circus, mushrooms, and whales. Some time ago, I created Lady with a Fish, which has been roaming the world ever since. I graduated in Literature (Polish Studies) at Jagiellonian University, computer graphics at the University of Science and Technology in Cracow, and I’m also a graduate of the first edition of the Ecopoetics School at the Institute of Reportage in Warsaw.


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The King
11.7″x8.3″; handmade collage; 2019
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11.7″x8.3″; handmade collage; 2017
11.8″x11.8″; digital collage; 2018
Mushroom People
11.7″x8.3″; handmade collage; 2017