Marta Janik

Green Woman
14.5″x7.5″; paper on paper; 2019

Marta Janik
Warsaw, Poland


Collage is Coolage!

Almost everybody knows this photo: a seahorse down deep in the ocean holding a cotton swab. At first I thought, “What a surrealistic photomontage!” It wasn’t. The photo was real and heartbreaking. We live in crazy times. Almost everything seems possible. People are pushing borders further and further. If reality is already a collage, we may ask why do we need this kind of art now? And not only why do we need it, but why do we use it and make it more and more often? I see collage everywhere. I used to live in Berlin. Recently, the Deutsche Oper Berlin advertised Meyerbeer’s Le Prophète with a series of collages. The popular, hipster Radio Eins put posters with colourful collages in almost every metro station. The botanical garden invites visitors for beautiful concerts with collages. And I live in this city as a collage artist. It means that I try to express myself by using paper, scissors, cutters and glue to create images which could tell something about me. Why? Because I feel like a collage person. And yes, sometimes I feel dada. It means that I am rebellious. It means that collage is my own way of dealing with this crazy world. It means that I like to use something that already exists. I like to play. I like to give meanings to things. I like to create my own world because I would like to find an answer to the questions: “Who the hell am I? What is important to me? Why did I grab scissors? Is collage serious? Is collage chaos? Am I chaos?” I create chaos but I put it in order. I try to. I organize this world. I interpret. And I am surprised with myself. As a result, I would like to present my manifesto and proclaim a new term. Maybe it is time we say: coolage instead of collage.

I have taken part in exhibitions in the USA, Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Ireland and Poland. My works appeared in Przekrój magazine (Warsaw) and the annual journal Maintenant (A Journal of Contemporary DADA Writing and Art) published by Three Rooms Press in New York.


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12″x7.5″; paper on paper; 2018

Mushroom Attacks
15″x10″; paper on paper; 2017

Deer The King
11″x8″; paper on paper; 2019

The Letter
15″x7.5″; paper on paper; 2019