Flora Georgiou

8″x5″; magazines on paper, paste and glue; 2021

Flora Georgiou
Brunswick, Victoria, Australia


Collage is an exploration of my psyche sourcing images and making connections between lines, form and colour. Tapping into my subconscious and memory while playing with textures and images. I gain artistic release from emotional reaction, aesthetic spontaneity and whimsical irrationalism involving cutting, tearing, assembling and glueing. All are part of seeking a safe and pleasurable space for artistic freedom and aesthetic truth.


My name is Flora Georgiou, l am an independent artist and a graduate of Cinema/Arts. I have been exhibiting my work in group exhibition for the past eighteen years. I have an eclectic approach to collage much like genres. I am always learning and experimenting new techniques and methods. I have a dadaist and surrealist approach to my work and am forever inspired by their ingenuity and cataclysmic methodology. I continuously exhibit my work online as a contributor to the International Collage movement.


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10″x8″; magazines on paper, paste and glue; 2021
Aqua Palm
9″x8″; magazines on paper; paste and glue; 2020
10″x8″; magazines on paper; paste and glue; 2021