Flora Georgiou

Sales of Freedom
12.6″x14.2″; magazines, picture books, National Geographic, red thread; 2023

Flora Georgiou
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


My work is a direct reaction to my inner world, environment and personal traumas. I draw inspiration from the Surrealists and Dadaists–artists that work with the subconscious–raise awareness–symbolism–assemblage of the ordinary and contrary with distortion and the bizarre: a passion for primitivism–shake it all about in my creative combustion in perpetual innovation and revelation.


My work evolves around themes of inequality, social injustice, climate change, women’s issues, personal trauma and the future. I am based in Melbourne, Australia and have been in several group shows locally and internationally and my most recent contribution was for the Kyiv CUTOUT Collage International show.


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Freedom & Love
11″x9.4″; images sourced from own collection; 2023
11″x9.4″; images sourced from own collection; 2023
Swan Lake
9.4″x8.3″; my sketches, magazines, silver leaf; 2023
9.4″x9″; magazines; 2023