MJ Davison

Winning at Chess
14″x11″; printed matter; 2018

MJ Davison
Portland, Oregon, USA


Versatile, Portland Oregon-based MJ Connors Davison has a bold aesthetic inspired by the natural world and other-worldly realms. The structures and principles of sacred geometry are generators for her fine art and design works. Serving as a vehicle delivering the spiritual into the material, juxtaposing order and chaos, MJ most loves creating mixed media collages from any source of printed matter that surrounds her. A single, central element often begins a compositional quest. Playing with tension between depths of interiors and exteriors, environments are formed. These are often Utopian given her belief in the magic and beauty available on other levels of sight and experience. She seeks to give viewers places worthy of multiple return visits, with something new seen each time.


Originally from a Cleveland suburb, MJ earned her BFA in Crafts at Kent State U, OH. She then learned paper making, bookmaking and printmaking in Philadelphia while one of the inaugural MFA graduates of Book Arts at The U of Arts. Receiving grants for her work, MJ produced her artist book, Evidence of Attendants, and continued making mixed media prints while gaining experience as a teacher of her favorite mediums. Since the 1990’s, her various bodies of artwork have been exhibited extensively in local, regional, and traveling shows. Select permanent collections include: MoMA NYC, SFMOMA, Victoria & Albert Museum, Smithsonian Institute Library.


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14″x11″; printed matter; 2016
Awaiting Audience
18″x24″; printed matter; 2019
Equinox Altar
18″x24″; printed matter; 2019
Vacation Rental
14″x11″; printed matter; 2016