MJ Connors Davison

Aphrodite Ready
30″x18.5″; collage and acrylic paint; 2020

MJ Connors Davison
Portland, Oregon, USA


Versatile, Portland Oregon-based MJ Connors Davison has a bold aesthetic inspired by the natural world and other-worldly realms. Creating collages since childhood, she has widely applied her love of bringing forth beauty from the tension between order and disorder. The structures and principles of sacred geometry are also generators for her fine art and design works. Serving as a vehicle delivering the spiritual into the material, MJ creates mixed media collages from both personal and general sources of printed matter that surround her. A single, central element often begins a compositional quest, then depths of interiors and exteriors form environments. These often depict transformational states, given her faith in the magic and beauty available on other levels of sight and experience. She seeks to give viewers places worthy of multiple return visits, with something new gained each time.


MJ Connors Davison is a cross-disciplinary artist. In addition to mixed-media collages, her portfolio includes limited edition artist’s books, upscaled textile wall hangings, and collaborative design projects in publishing and private education.

Her BFA in Crafts is from Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, and her MFA in Book Arts and Printmaking is from the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA. She has received awards and a residency for her print works and artist’s book, Evidence of Attendants. Her continued education, inspired by Anthroposophical teachers, has included study in color theory, sacred geometry, and watercolor veil painting. MJ’s artworks are in the collections of SFMOMA, MoMA NYC, The Victoria & Albert Museum, London, and The Smithsonian Library, Washington, DC, as well as many colleges, universities, and private patrons.

She is a founding member of The New Five Collective, an active women artists’ group in Portland, OR. For World Collage Day 2021, MJ organized participants and exhibited “Exquisite Community” representative of this region. Previously, she has lived and worked in the US cities of Cleveland,
Philadelphia, New York, and San Francisco.


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Doing Without
32″x19.5″; collage and acrylic paint; 2020
Temple Ease
19.75″x32″; collage and acrylic paint; 2020
Depth Charges
15.75″x15.75″; collage; 2021
Amour Event
12″x15.75″; collage; 2021