Nancy Goodman Lawrence

On the Edge
18″x20″; acrylic, maps, vintage wrapping paper; 2018

Nancy Goodman Lawrence
Los Angeles, California, USA


My work is constantly in a state of change–morphing from one idea to the next. I enjoy exploring the possibilities and am motivated by a sense of creating some kind of order out of complexities. In the past, I created three bodies of work from maps, and I occasionally revisit this medium as seen here in two figurative pieces: Woman Contemplating and Woman Emerging from Anonymity. Most recently, I have been making mixed media work that springs from invented shapes. These are acrylic and collage pieces that often have the feeling of surreal landscapes and are informed by subtle narratives. I enjoy putting together bits of ideas from each of my series.


I am a Los Angeles artist working in collage and mixed media. I studied at UCLA and earned a BA in art. I have won many awards, and my work is featured in publications including Collage, Assemblage and Altered Art (2008) by Diane Maurer-Mathison; Masters: Collage, Major Works by Leading Artists (2010) by Randel Plowman; The American Journal of Nursing, June 2012 and Geo Graphic-A Book for Map Lovers (2013) published by Index Book. More information and images are available on my website, Instagram and Facebook pages.


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18″x24″; acrylic, vintage wrapping paper; 2018

The Council
18″x24″; acrylic, vintage wrapping paper

Woman Contemplating
17″x11″; maps on wood veneer panel; 2017

Woman Emerging from Anonymity
16″x16″; maps and vintage wrapping paper; 2019