Nancy Goodman Lawrence

18″x24″; maps, vintage wrapping paper, found papers; 2020

Nancy Goodman Lawrence
Los Angeles, California, USA


I am a mixed media artist with an interest in incorporating invented shapes into work that suggests imaginary or surreal landscapes. I also make collages of my drawings of the female figure, which are then placed into imagined settings. I use paint, maps, ink, vintage wrapping paper, found papers and sometimes beads. I am interested in the formalities of picture making as well as the narratives that can lie beneath the surface.


I am a Los Angeles artist working in collage and mixed media. I studied at UCLA and earned a BA in art. I have won many awards, and my work is featured in publications including Collage, Assemblage and Altered Art (2008) by Diane Maurer-Mathison; Masters: Collage, Major Works by Leading Artists (2010) by Randel Plowman; The American Journal of Nursing, June 2012; Geo Graphic-A Book for Map Lovers (2013) published by Index Book and Gasher Journal, Summer 2019.


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Green Meditation
16″x16″; acrylic, maps, vintage wrapping paper; 2019
16″x16″; acrylic, maps, wrapping paper; 2019
Woman in Repose
16″x16″; maps, vintage wrapping paper; 2019
Woman in Thought
16″x16″; maps, vintage wrapping paper; 2019