Florence Weisz

Trumpart: FakeNews
20″x20″; collage, digital print, newspapers, shredded newspaper; 2017

Florence Weisz
Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, USA


My primary medium has always been collage. I create materials for both abstract and figurative artworks, some that combine alcohol inks and my digital photographs. My interest in exploring new media led me, four decades ago, to xerography, using copy machines to make art. I gridded a photo of the sitting president’s face, cut up multiple copies into square “face-parts” and then rearranged his features. Not wanting to keep all the fun to myself, I developed interactive installations, inviting gallery visitors to participate, creating their own versions of a politician’s image. My ongoing “Presidential Manipulations” series now spans 40 years and the administrations of six presidents: Reaganart, Bushart Sr, Clintonart, Bushart Jr, Obamart, and currently Trumpart. This work expresses my political activism and also serves as art therapy to get me though difficult times.


Florence Weisz is a collage artist who explores different visual ideas and seeks distinctive materials and innovative ways to express each of them. Born in New York, she has created art in Northern New Jersey for many years and now has re-established her art studio in the Philadelphia region. After earning a degree in Fine Art from Douglass College, Rutgers University, she studied in Paris and then in Jerusalem, where she also lived and taught art in special education schools for eight eventful years. She has exhibited her art in the US and abroad in solo and group shows at museums, private galleries and alternative spaces. Her artworks are in numerous collections including The New Jersey State Museum, Citibank, IBM, and The Port of Authority of NY and NJ. Weisz has completed site-specific commissions for homes, corporate and public spaces including, PSE&G, Centocor, Merck, Schering Plough, Chubb Insurance and the Municipality of Be’er Sheva, Israel. She is a recipient of a NJ State Council on the Arts Fellowship Award. Forty of Weisz’s collages are included, in a two person show at The InLiquid Gallery – Crane Arts Building, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in an exhibition called “Satirical Candidacy” on view from October 7 through November 14, 2020.


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“Presidential Manipulations” Wall 2 Installation
239″; collages on paper; 2020
Reaganart V
22″x22″; collage, different brands of copiers; 1981
Bushart: W.Totem
50″x20″; collage, cut out digital prints; 2005
“Biden and Trump and You” Interactive Installation
32″x67″; collage, b/w and color prints, Velcro, “face-parts” trays (not shown); 2020