Catie O’Leary

Visual Stories – African Stork
11″x9′; collage with antique engravings; 2020

Catie O’Leary
Pacific Grove, California, USA


In her collages, Catie O’Leary uses original engraved illustrations from antique books. The books are her inspiration as well as her material. She intuitively gravitates toward images that interest her blending the contemporary and the classical. The meticulously cut-out parts become puzzle pieces in her selection process creating a chain of associations. The resulting collages become their own visual story. The unexpected juxtapositions of birds, animals, drapery, architecture and scientific objects become poetic landscapes examining the relationship between the natural and human worlds.


Catie O’Leary has been awarded residencies at the American Academy in Rome and at the Oberpfalzer Kunsterhaus in Fronberg, Germany. In 2019 she had solo exhibitions at the Fresno Art Museum and the Monterey Museum of Art. She has exhibited in many California venues including the Braunstein/Quay Gallery in San Francisco, Stanford Art Spaces at Stanford University, Palo Alto Art Center, Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek and the Morris Graves Museum in Eureka, California. She is represented by Jack Fischer Gallery in San Francisco.

A California native, Catie O’Leary lives in Pacific Grove, California.


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Visual Stories – Bear
11’x9′; collage with antique engravings; 2020
Visual Stories – Cat
15.5″x7.75″; collage with antique engravings; 2020
Visual Stories – Chinchilla
11″x8.875″; collage with antique engravings; 2020
Landscape – Waterfall
11″x8.875″; collage with antique engravings; 2020