Francesca Belgiojoso

32.3″x32.3″; 3-D collage made with vintage art posters from Matisse, Caravaggio, Hayez, Modigliani, Schiele, Klimt and Rousseau; 2017

Francesca Belgiojoso
Milan, Italy


I am a psychotherapist and an artist: my artistic research intertwines my knowledge of the unconscious with a strong passion for photography and the iconography of the past.

I work with analog photo-collage where fragments of images, carefully cut from contemporary and vintage magazines, intertwine with antique photographs and period illustrations. After a passionate hunt for sources, I cut out different figures, leaving behind their original meaning and context.

Collage could be seen as a metaphor for dreams, since the process is the same: We take from reality the pieces we want and we recombine them in stories with a new, personal meaning.

“In The Eye of the Beholder” is a 3-D collage series made with my vintage art poster collection. I mix details of my favorite artworks, working metaphorically on growing up as an artist through the fruition of art and giving the viewer an unheimlich impression between the known and the unknown.

In my latest project, “What Do You See?” (inspired by the Rorschach test), I work on shapes to inspire people to see their own world in mine. I’m interested in “projection”, the psychological mechanism that allows the viewer to see in an abstract shape what he has inside: figures from his subconscious.


Francesca Belgiojoso was born in Milan in 1980. She is a Psychotherapist and graduated in 2004 from the Cattolica University in Milan. She was then assistant professor of Art Psychology at the University of Bologna.

After a year in New York, assisting Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey, she was trained by Judy Weiser in the use of PhotoTherapy Techniques integrating her passion for photography in her clinical practice.

She is co-author of Oltre l’immagine, inconscio e fotografia (Beyond the image, unconscious and photography), published by Postcart (Rome, 2016).

She currently lives in Milan, where she works as a psychotherapist at Studio ArteCrescita. Over the last five years, she has begun an art project through the use of collage. Her background as a psychotherapist emerges in her artistic practice: all of her projects have a strong connection with inner worlds, her practice as a psychotherapist with young adults and the mechanism of projection over the fruition of her artworks.

She has exhibited her work in photo festivals, and in solo and group shows in Milan, Vicenza, Turin, Pietrasanta, New Milford (Connecticut), New York, Biella, Roma, Reggio Emilia. Her collages were published in CollageCollectiveCo, Frattura Scomposta, C.a.p.74024, and Making the Cut, Vol. 1. She was a finalist for the Arte Laguna Prize 2016.


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When Vermeer Finds Himself on a Michelangelo Leg
21″x11.8″; 3-D collage made with vintage art posters from Michelangelo and Vermeer; 2017

(I See a Tropical Fish Tank) What Do You See?
15.7″x15.7″; 3-D collage on canvas; 2017

(I See a Circus) What Do You See?
15.7″x15.7″; 3-D collage on canvas; 2017

(I See a Bird of Paradise) What Do You See?
15.7″x15.7″; 3-D collage on canvas; 2017