Sue Wicker

A Step Too Far
7.5″x7″; collage; 2016

Sue Wicker
Bournemouth, Dorset, United Kingdom


I draw/paint with paper, arduously looking through endless magazines, attracted by texture, colour and shapes. I am driven by the excitement of finding material that I can reuse and give new life to in another context. Much of my work is emotionally based through my own experiences or inspired by the women I meet or the lives they lead, often denoted by headless or faceless women giving anonymity to the works. The techniques I use are cut and paste, using a scalpel or brush to add degeneration and the ripping and tearing to add a raw aesthetic. I am currently experimenting with acrylic and collage to add another dimension to my work.


I am an artist living and working in Bournemouth, United Kingdom. I have had my work published in an array of diverse magazines, including Muzzle, Middle Gray and Andivero. My work has been shown in various exhibitions including The Shards Exhibition, Bournemouth; The Lighthouse, Poole; and the Mulberry Gallery, Weymouth, Dorset. I was successful in becoming a finalist for the Artist Project Initiative Painting and Drawing Award 2016.


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Hanging On
12.6″x9.4″; collage; 2016

Out of Time
10.6″x7″; collage; 2016

10″x7.5″; collage; 2015

Sudden Impulse
7.5″x7″; collage; 2015