François Hébert

untitled mummy from the book Comment Naître

François Hébert
Saint-Lambert, Quebec, Canada


My collages are mainly three-dimensional and made of little things found in the streets or in household trash–broken, and/or suggestive in some way, funny, scary, touching, never the same. I have portraits of Paul Klee, Donald Trump (!), etc. And beasts, preferably fantastic. Eight mummies I really like in a book devoted to my memories of my parents. Or abstract. And a beautiful (!) reproduction of the bottom of the disgustingly polluted ocean. My basement is full, help me get rid of some!


François Hébert is a retired university professor and author of about 20 published books in Canada and (one!) in France, including novels, poetry, essays and a French translation of John Gardner’s On Moral Fiction. I have had one exhibition of collages, for which a catalog. I also wrote four books of collages with texts (in French) by me or others, of which two are, as of 14 February 2020, still wet with their colours!


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Cover of L’abcdéaire des demoiselles d’Angrignon
Montreal: Les Heures Bleues; 2014; ISBN: 9782924277225
L’Infanté (after Velasquez)