Chloe White

Gengrrr Pages 3+4
13″x16.5″; black ink pen, watercolor, magazine clippings; 2019

Chloe White
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


I prefer to work with paper and pen and the blades of scissors or my trusty Xacto. Material is important in my practice as I experiments with tools, often matching them to my mood; sporadic, gestural lines from thin tipped black ink pens allow me to build figures while collaging is more meditative, lessening the creative anxiety of mark making. My colorful work, speaks to mental illness, pop/queer culture, consumerism, the natural world and feminism, and tends to be cathartic.


Chloe is a mixed media artist currently based in Victoria, British Columbia originally from South Surrey. She is completing her BFA at University of Victoria where she focuses on collage, mark making and illustration. Within the last year Chloe has become more public with her art, exhibiting in a group show at Cedar Hill Arts Centre, University of Victoria, and the Ministry of Casual Living, as well as tabling at a local zine fair, all in Victoria. She is also involved in creating collaborative murals around the city where community members are brought together to paint larger than life fantastical natural imagery.


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Frazzled AF
13.7″x11″; blank ink pen, gel pen, collage; 2019
You Are What You Eat & I am Fruity
11.8″x11.8″; produce stickers; 2019
Mush Love
4.7″x4.7″; Stropharia ambigua spore print, magazine clippings, neon pink cardstock; 2019
Malice in Whateverland
7″x9.8″; stickers, ticket, magazine clippings; 2020