Paul Waters

Dreams Walking In Broad Daylight
9.3″x7″; magazine cut-outs, circuit board, matchbook, number stamp, doll arm, and some smoke; 2020

Paul Waters
Portland, Oregon, USA


I collect off the sidewalks, recycling bins, and thriftshops everywhere I go, usually the more degraded the better.

My basement is overflowing, my closets don’t have any more room, and my studio full of trash.
I use it as inspiration.
I use it as door stops.
I use it for art.
I just use it.

I take some of these old, cast-off things and find some beauty in them and in their composition with whatever is on top of the next pile; or maybe at the bottom of the last one.

I feel like I’m making my way through the wake of the non-objective continuum that Kandinsky, Klee and Rauschenberg made for us.

These three submitted collages are prompted by the music and lyrics from Stop Making Sense by Talking Heads.


Paul is creating art full time after practicing architecture for decades and just making art in his free time. While an architect, Paul’s role included integrated-art-in-architecture projects using etched glass, photo-based glass art and mosaic tile.

Paul works in a variety of media including screen-printing, digital printmaking, public art installations, mixed media collage, found-object assemblage, and mosaic.

Paul’s current artistic endeavors include making sketch collages every evening while listening to podcasts. These are quick (about an hour) collages with various sets of self-imposed rules such as using only tourist literature from Barcelona, using only circles, not using any representational imagery, and even adding small found objects fastened to the paper.

Paul lives in Portland, Oregon with his artist wife Kathryn.

Paul and Kathryn remodeled their home last year to create a collaborative artist’s room-share, providing rooms and studio space for three artists.


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Which Might Be Better Than TV
9.3″x7″; magazine and book cut-outs, photo album corners; 2020
Washing Me Down
9.3″x7″; magazine cut-outs, letter stamps, watch back, blue ink; 2020