Golda Disc Eigo

Touched By Fire
24″x18″; wood, photographs, pigment ink; 2019

Golda Disc Eigo
New York, New York, USA


I am mad about making collages and the process I go through to make them. Thinking in impression and placement I use as an initial layer of photographs I have taken that range from construction signs and street markings to hieroglyphs I have seen in museums. Always using wood as a base I alter my photographs by hand using sandpaper or rubbing them with a paper towel giving them a worn texture that adds a history to the pieces. As I create very spontaneously and then later refine, I never really know where a collage will take me. I love to create a dynamic balance between all of the different parts-a harmonic dance enhanced by layer, texture and color.

The visual form of language and certain figures I love are endlessly used-my cast of character so to speak-always made by stamps, handmade or bought, and stencils. For me a flower is not only a flower, but a flower that represents the human figure. I place all of my characters in different visual and existential situations creating a never ending series of relationships.

As an artist living in NYC I am thoroughly influenced by its rhythms, which seeps into my collages through a dynamism I create using placement, color and texture. Emotionally, I want my art to always reflect an awe for beauty, for broadening our cultural definition of beauty, beauty that can take its form in the crooked line, discarded fragments, the torn, the gritty: the fingerprints of living.


My visual sense was developed underwater. I remember hours being spent in my childhood trying to stay below the surface because I was so mesmerized by the light penetrating and transforming ordinary things making them glow and radiate as if they were shimmering diamonds. This experience was life altering as it began my love for light, color and translating life into the visual. It has been my only education for I am a self-taught artist who has learned through my own experimentation.

As a young woman I was influenced by the sculptor Robert Smithson after I saw an exhibit of his where he placed crystals around mirrors creating an endless sea of dazzling light. It spurred me to make my own mirror containers where I placed different “figures” and snapped photographs of the reflections creating a simultaneity of different points of reflection all at once. Later I found pottery, and began making functional pieces as I thought it necessary to have beautiful objects for everyday use. Oddly enough this experience naturally turned into making collages as I found the spontaneity needed to create pottery taught me about creating organically, which is how I create my collages. As a 61 year old woman I feel as if I finally found what I was meant to create.

I’ve had the honor of having my work shown in numerous galleries, appeared in the London based Murze art mag, and have given an artist talk at The Barrett Art Center.


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