Gordon Carlisle

At Play Among the Towers
6.375″x3.375″; acrylics over collage; 2013

Gordon Carlisle
Eliot, Maine, USA


I began making collages in the early 1970s, when I was a student at the San Francisco Art Institute. As a free-associative Art form, I found and continue to find collage liberating. Initially, I tried integrating collage with printmaking, but soon abandoned that idea in favour of painting directly on the collages and displaying them as unique Artworks. Occasionally, I’ll be asked to create collages around a theme, but more often I just let the collages form themselves. Either way, they always surprise me. My technical approach is very Old School and rudimentary. I don’t use a computer; I still cut and paste the basic collage by hand, then work over it with acrylic paints. Once finished, I find titling the pieces half the fun!


I am a painter and collage artist whose work has taken many forms over the years. I graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute as a print maker in 1973, and have been making my living as an artist ever since, primarily in the field of Public Art (please visit www.gordoncarlisle.com for an overview of my commissioned work).

In 1999, I was awarded a New Hampshire State Council on the Arts Artist Fellowship for my accomplishment as a muralist. I first showed my collages in San Francisco, and have had eleven solo exhibitions of my studio Artwork across America since then.

With a home and studio in southern Maine, my work is in numerous collections around the northeastern US.


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3.375″x5.375″; acrylic over collage; 1993

Taking the Plunge
9.375″x9.3125″; acrylic over collage; 2015

A Hero’s Welcome
7.0625″x6.8125″; acrylics over collage; 2007

A Muse
7.1875″x7.625″; acrylic over collage; 2007