Marian Hoffman Ting

4″x6″; maps and papers; 2017

Marian Hoffman Ting
Niwot, Colorado, USA


My use of maps in my work is a symbolic depiction emphasizing the relationships between the elements of space, objects, regions, themes, directions, misdirections, etc. The word map comes from the Latin mappa mundi, where mappa means cloth and mundi means world. A map is a 2-dimensional representation of the world. By the cutting up and collaging of “the world”, of maps, of various papers, I create my own representation of the world–my own elision into the “ART” world.


I graduated from the Ivy School of Professional Art in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My mentor was my painting teacher and well known regional artist, Marie T. Kelly. In Pittsburgh, I was a member of The Pittsburgh Society of Artists, The Pittsburgh Arts and Crafts Center and The Art Group. I showed actively. After moving to Colorado, I became a member of The National Collage Society, of which I am now a Signature Member and where I have exhibited regularly. Among my accomplishments are a Best of Show Award from ILK Gallery’s 1st National exhibit. My work is included in public and private collections and I have also been chosen for the annual National Collage Calendar three times. My work is also included in the book Making the Cut–a collage-themed book edited by Kaylee Whitman.


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4″x6″; maps and papers; 2017

Shifting Borders
4″x6″; maps and papers; 2017

Parisian Bblues
4″x6″; various papers; 2017

6″x4″; maps and papers; 2018