Sharmon Davidson

Message from a Dream
9.25″x13.75″; mixed media collage on antique book cover; 2015

Sharmon Davidson
Taylor Mill, Kentucky, USA


My earliest memories are of a preoccupation with careful examination of the world around me, and with making marks on paper to represent what I saw. From this developed a passion for learning, a deep affinity with nature, and a desire to communicate through line and color what cannot be expressed in words. My work originates from a deep belief in the sanctity of the earth, and in the underlying unity of everything in our universe. Formed from common elements born from a common source, everything is interconnected in the most intricate ways, both visible and invisible. Over time, I have developed a vocabulary of nature-inspired personal symbols through which I attempt to express this essential idea as honestly and authentically as I can. Each piece develops organically and intuitively, as layers of papers, acrylic inks, and drawing are built up and often partially removed. Vintage and antique ephemera are used in a newer series which focuses on time, transformation, and personal narrative as a means of revealing this mystery. I enjoy recycling these materials by giving them a new life in my work.


Sharmon Davidson is a contemporary mixed media artist who uses colourful, dreamlike, nature-inspired imagery to explore her belief in the unity and connectedness of everything in the universe. Natural forms such as birds, plants, and seeds have become personal symbols in her work. Davidson states, “I create art out of a need to express the ideas I feel are most important. I’m fascinated by how the universe works–by the visible and invisible connections between all things.”

Her process for these mixed media pieces usually begins with a multi-layered monotype using transparent printing inks. After the monotype is dry, layers of acrylic inks, coloured pencil, and collage elements are added. Currently, she has been working on a series of collages, many of which utilize vintage book covers and ephemera as materials. She enjoys recycling these objects by giving them a new life in her work.

Artistic influences include the Surrealists and the Symbolists, and she credits a childhood fascination with fairy tale illustrations for her early interest in mystical and fantasy art. Having studied the visual arts extensively at Northern Kentucky University and the Art Academy of Cincinnati, she has exhibited professionally since 1993. Her work has been published on magazine and book covers, and featured in several art publications, including Storytelling With Collage: Techniques for Layering, Color, and Texture by Roxanne Evans Stout. She is currently represented by the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen Gallery in Berea, Kentucky, and Ascension Fine Arts in Nashville, Indiana.


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What the Water Gave Me
6.75″x10.5″; mixed media collage on antique book cover; 2017

Lost I
11″x13.75″; mixed media collage on antique book cover; 2016

Reconstruction of a Dream
11.25″x19″; mixed media collage on antique book cover; 2015

On the Edge of a Dream
18″x12″; mixed media collage on antique book cover; 2016