Jesse White

11″x8.5″; paper on paper; 2018

Jesse White
Stanwood, Washington, USA


Image is everything in our stigma-ridden social structure. A picture worth a thousand words turns into millions when it’s created from perceived truths, true love, emotions, and thoughts and behaviours that express them. The image shows what words often can’t and collage art is a superb form of psychological interpretation. Everything trapped inside my subconscious and conscious mind melds together in the collage art I piece together. They are unplanned tangible experiments leading to actualized visualization of my inner self and the pressures and demands of the intangible extramural.

I started working on collage projects in 1996 putting together large works that were lost in a fire. I put the artistic medium away until 2009 when I began gluing again. Then it really took off in 2013 until today. In truth, the collage phases coincide with episodes of profound confusion, loneliness, loss, and/or manic drunken episodes of self-medicated insanity. Placing my fluster into artwork by tearing, cutting, and ripping up my thoughts onto paper I provide the viewer a peek into my heart and soul satisfying a desire to express the complexity of what it means to be inside this skull. Collage is a place where I can work out personal emotional issues without fear and that is ultimately why I do it.

It isn’t up to me to give the viewer what they want or please them in any way. I am simply doing what I need in an attempt to visualize my understanding of self and my place in the world.


Jesse Garnett White is a professionally licensed geologist with both a bachelor’s and master’s in geoscience. He has turned against corporate culture, religion, tragedy of the current world infrastructure, and the modern slavery pipelines. The collage work is a pure extraction of mind without guilt, shame, or concern. He utilizes torn, cut, and dissected magazine imagery to shape his feelings, emotions, thoughts, and views onto paper. He currently lives in Stanwood, Washington where he has displayed and sold current works in both Mount Vernon and Camano Island, Washington.


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Apocalypse Chic
11″x8.5″; paper on paper; 2018

11″x17″; paper on paper; 2018

Obstacles to Harmony
11″x8.5″; paper on paper; 2018

4.5″x6″; paper on paper; 2018