Jamie Tara

12″x12″; cut paper collage; 2024

Jamie Tara
Boston, Massachusetts, USA


I make collage for love of the art form and for the enjoyment of collecting beautiful and striking images. For me, collage provides a sanctuary within creative space – with freedom to explore color, texture, and composition in an intuitive way. I appreciate the playful revelation of visual combinations that appear by happenstance and reaffirm my inner imagery. My “dreamscape” collages touch on themes of magical realism, the subjectivity of time, inner and outer worlds, and the interconnection of all things. Additionally, I hope to express the perfection of nature, and the awe and wonder that it can invoke.


Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, Jamie Tara is an art teacher currently residing in Boston, Massachusetts. She holds a BFA from Ithaca College and an MA from Vermont College of Fine Arts and has been exploring collage since the 1990s. Her dreamscape collages and landscape oil paintings have been exhibited in group shows in New England and beyond.


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Freeze Dried In Full Bloom
12″x12″; cut paper collage; 2022
Night Garden
12″x12″; cut paper collage; 2024
Day At The Beach
12″x12″; cut paper collage; 2021
Why Not?
12″x12″; cut paper collage; 2022