Camille Ann Brewer

37″x24″; paper, acrylic medium; 2023

Camille Ann Brewer
Detroit, Michigan, USA


The textiles I create explore architecture in space through linear elements, which are woven as cloth or nets built through a variety of calculations to create rich, complex patterns. The construction of calculations to create woven forms is an exciting view of contemporary “digital” thinking. I investigate how textile construction intersects with spatial planning, symbolism, coding, and composition making.

The connections between coding and the loom are as surprising as they are fascinating and are the core subject of my practice. Finding ancient principles of woven patterns embedded in the very notion of space, computation, and sound, provides a voice for my woven work in a unifying technical language.


Los Angeles, California native Camille Ann Brewer is a hand weaver and dyer based in Detroit, Michigan. Ms. Brewer studied textile design and construction at the California College of Arts and the University of Michigan, where she earned her BFA and MFA respectively. Ms. Brewer served as the inaugural curator of contemporary art at the George Washington University Museum and the Textile Museum. Prior to her work at the Textile Museum, Ms. Brewer served as the executive director of the Black Metropolis Research Consortium, a Chicago-based membership association of libraries, universities, and other archival institutions, based at the University of Chicago.


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Up-North South
32.75″x25.5″; paper, acrylic medium; 2023
24″x27.5″; paper, acrylic medium; 2023