Jowonder Woodward

Tonight We Will Not Tock from the “Vanishing Point” series
7.8″x6.6″; collage on paper; 2024

Jowonder Woodward
London, United Kingdom


I admire comics, fairy tales and religion for their ability to make digestible awkward truths, my work as an animator and a poet has evolved into a form of visual collage. All is an attempt to connect with the unexplained.

Clockwork versus digital, sacred versus profane, by gluing it all together and mixing it up in collage, I try to unravel the enormous amount of stuff that is coming at me and generating emotion all the time.

Giants live alongside little people in a muddle of a place which crosses over the thresholds of time.

A prime minister will always be swayed by the fairies, and heroes will meet their final reckoning.


In May 2024, Jowonder Woodward’s work, featuring live performance and surreal poems, will be featured in “L’age d’Ore” at Carrer de Buenaventura Muñoz in Barcelona, Spain. In 2023, her painting collage, The President’s Breakfast, was shown at The London Biennale. Also in 2023, three of Woodward’s paintings and a performance were part of the international surrealist exhibition and event, “L’age Dore”, at The Crypt Gallery in London. In 2022, the artist curated “Schrodinger’s Cat”, featuring her own video installation and the work of 21 visual artists, at The Bookery Gallery in London. This exhibition was aided by a Public Engagement Grant from the Institute of Physics. In 2019, Woodward received the Cartazini Biennial Award for Fine Art.


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