Jane Tagg

Audire et loqui
39.4″x69″; screen print, digital prints, drawing on paper; 2015

Jane Tagg
Egremont, Cumbria, United Kingdom


My current mixed media work focuses on the changing environment which reflects technological developments and human population growth, resulting in the destruction of land, the extinction and endangerment of animals and genetic deformities.  In this negative reflexivity, the very same scientific progress that led to the destruction of our world has ironically created the idea of “The frozen zoo”, where stem cell regeneration is being considered by scientists as a future method of regrowth of limbs and organs and for the re-generation of endangered species. Drawn from scientific diagrams, MRI scans, repair and re-growth treatments, this work focuses on (re)imagined hybrid species in both the animal and human kingdoms whilst raising the question as to their viability and of the ethics involved. The birth of a reflexive world of new hybrids is illustrated by the composite imagery being transformed into futuristic forms born from kaleidoscopic imagery representing cell growth.


Originally from North England, I have lived in several countries since graduating in Fine Craft Design from the University of Ulster.

I am now an international artist/high school art teacher who is interested in environmental and social issues.

As part of my career I have exhibited in the United Kingdom, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Russia, South Africa and Romania.  I have participated in residencies in Hungary, Costa Rica, the United States and South Africa.


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Enutriet-Eruditio communicare (Nurture-learning to communicate)
37.4″x20″; screen print, petri dishes, drawing on paper; 2014

Vita Ingenero-Augmentum
20″x27.6″; screen print and drawing on paper; 2014

Vita Ingenero Numerus 4
20″x27.6″; screen print and drawing on paper; 2013

Cultural Habitu
20″x47″; screen print and drawing on paper; 2015