Jennifer Ale

Town and Country
10.5″x7″; paper collage; 2023

Jennifer Ale
Brooklyn, New York, USA


The last few years I have been making collages, very different from the prints I have been making for three decades. I am using photos from newspapers, especially The New York Times, removing the text and politics, trying to create a mood of romance, mystery, mystic landscapes, with people alone or interacting in restaurants, on the beach, at work and at leisure.


As a teenager, I was sixth in the 100m final in the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome for the United Kingdom, and came to America at 22, and studied art at Parsons, The Art Students League, and have a BFA from The Fashion Institute of Technology. Starting as a painter of large abstracts, I soon dedicated myself to making prints. I have shown in small galleries around the world and work in my studio at my townhouse in Brooklyn, New York.


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Winter Scene
11″x9″; paper collage; 2022
Discovering Your Vision
14″x21″; paper collage; 2022
Places of Solace
18″x13″; paper collage; 2022
Personal Expressions
19″x19″; paper collage; 2022