Maëlle Pouppez

Yo soy mi mejor amiga
16.5″x16.5″; paper, cotton, ink, found photograph; 2020

Maëlle Pouppez
Lier, Belgium


Working with thread and glue is my way of repairing the world. We are all in need of connection and repair, which is a reflexion of our mother earth’s own healing needs. Collage resonates with repair not only literally but also in its sustainable way of making and I choose to work only with natural or recycled materials.

Through my creations, I deeply wish to open little moments of connection with oneself, each other and all the living. My intention is to send out an invitation to slow down and open our senses to set our intention with care.

I find inspiration in rituals and folklore of different cultures, but also in the cycles of nature. My collages are little constellation stories, with references to shamanism and sprituality. Using memorabilia, found photographs and papers, I create a mix of time and space where past, present and future are intertwined and connect us with cyclicity. My creation process is a ritual in itself during which I intend to open up to
whatever wants to be born through my hands.

I work with natural and/or recycled material: wool, cotton, paper, driftwood, rusted iron, plants, old pictures.

I like mixing techniques: embroidery, poetry, spinning, weaving, natural dying and printing, writing, drawing, painting.


I am a self-taught fiber artist living in Belgium. At the age of 13, I started taking my reflex camera with me everywhere, developping my analogue photographs in my dark room, calling the local photographer to ask him for advice. After my studies in communication, 20 years ago, I spent a year in Montreal, where I
started painting and making assemblage art. I continued slowtravelling in various countries and found my language of expression in fiber arts, grateful for the gathering of all my favourite ways of expression: poetry, photography, recyclage, textile techniques and assemblage, into what I call textile collages.


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Harmonie et Symphonie
11.4″x16.5″; plants, cotton, paper, linen, found photograph; 2019
Facile à faire
16.5″x11.4″; plants, cotton, paper, feather, found photograph; 2020
16.5″x16.5″; paper, thread, ink, found photograph; 2022