Stacey Burgay

Emotional Strokes-Landscape 2
14″x8″; found acrylic and oil painted brushstrokes, paper, medium; 2022

Stacey Burgay
Astoria, New York, USA


Through mixed media collage, Stacey Burgay physically manifests feelings and emotions not conveyable through words. Process is integral to her practice. She absorbs her environment and surroundings by collecting found materials to use in conjunction with painted papers and her own photography. She adds, removes, and excavates papers and layers of paint to construct narratives founded on emotional states— happiness, sadness, anger, grief—and feelings—joy, anxiety, loss and a sense of otherness. The use of discarded and repurposed materials is a guiding principle in her work, incorporating a consciousness of sustainability. Through collage she transforms her states of being into works of self-identity and understanding in the form of abstract landscapes. Her works are often an expression of an anxious mind: a constant search for selfunderstanding and a sense of calm.


Stacey Burgay is an artist, creative producer and senior project manager based in Queens, New York. Her art practice is guided by emotion, intuition, experimentation and found materials from the streets and walls of New York City, or any other city she finds herself in.

Stacey holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Television and Film from Ithaca College. She has worked with individuals, startups, nonprofits and Fortune 500 clients on a variety of analogue and digital projects including film festivals, advertising campaigns and community events. She has exhibited her artwork internationally in New York City, Paris and Berkåk, Norway. She is also a founding member of New York Collage Ensemble: a New York based group dedicated to bringing local communities together to experience the connectivity, accessibility and joy of collage.


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Paris Reclaimed
26″x24″; paper, medium; 2020
See of Life
11″x14″; photography, paper and medium
Cape Cod #1
photography, paper, medium