Naomi Friedman

Are You My Mother?
14″x11″; paper on canvas; 2023

Naomi Friedman
New York, New York, USA


Naomi Friedman works through the medium of physical and digital collage art. Their dedication to emergent praxis centers the importance of found objects and community testimony as guides to the creative process, rather than simply materials or static inspiration. Their work explores the creation of a fluid and whimsical landscape that defies the metaphysical and highlights intentional human connection.


New York-based collage artist Naomi Friedman has been working through the medium of physical and digital collage art for the past few years. Through their work with social justice and artist nonprofits, such as the Youth Justice Network, the Newburgh LGBTQ+ Center and the Williamstown Theater Festival, Naomi has worked to combine their passion for prison activism with a commitment to emergent political and artistic praxis. Naomi dedicates themselves to centering found object art and community testimony in their work—including the curation of materials and resources, as well as the creative process.

In 2022, Naomi co-founded the Boyzwithapple Artist collective, a globally based collective focused on collage art, knitwear, visual, and performing arts. They are currently engaged as an artist at the Arquetopia Residency in Naples, where they have been creating early childhood political education tools through the medium of collage.


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Lovers Yearning, Ladies Leaning
36″x24″; show posters on cardboard; 2022
Oppressions Reproduced
5″x3.5″; postcards; 2022
A Small Flame and Both Hands
14″x11″; paper on canvas; 2022
All About Growing
8″ radius; paper on cardboard; 2021