Jennifer Georgescu

#20 in the “Mother Series”
20″x24″; digital archival print; 2019

Jennifer Georgescu
San Marcos, California, USA


In 2015, I became a mother. I was prepared for the grueling labor, and sleepless nights, but the loss of my sense of self came as a surprise. I had no time to think and I began to feel like a shell of a person. My early days of motherhood were alienating and awful as well as sentimental and dear. I began to see myself as defined only by a relationship.

I felt that my son was an appendage of myself; the embodiment of self and other. It was hard to accept that he was a growing, changing person while I was to remain forever split. When he is near my thoughts are entangled around him and when I am away I cannot seem to be the person I was before.

A child is how we remain on Earth; they are our legacies. As I see my son grow I feel my time begin to speed up; I feel my decay. When we think about birth we must realize our death. Motherhood is precious and raw; wonderful and dark.


Jennifer Georgescu’s work describes instinctual aspects of humanity correlating to and differing from societal structuring. With a background in painting and photographic arts, she utilizes medium format film photography, installation, and digital technology. Her projects analyze dualisms in language, relationships, mythologies and control. “I often search for the balance that exists in between these dichotomies. This is how I view humanity; always teetering on the line between fiction and reality, domination and submissiveness, self and other.”

Georgescu is based out of San Diego, CA. Recent exhibitions include the Griffin Museum of Photography, the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, and the Center for Fine Art Photography. Publications include Aint Bad, Lenscratch, The Missouri Review, SHUTR magazine, Don’t Smile, The Edge of Humanity, and New Directions by the Detroit Center for Photography.


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#21 in the “Mother Series”
20″x34″; digital archival print; 2019
#22 in the “Mother Series”
22″x22″; digital archival print; 2019
#23 in the “Mother Series”
20″x30″; digital archival print; 2019
#24 in the “Mother Series”
20″x35″; digital archival print; 2019