Jessi Jumanji

Jewels, Part 1
16″x12″; digital collage; 2017

Jessi Jumanji
Memphis, Tennesee, USA


Creating art is a form of self-discovery. Using collage to merge historical exploration with self-expression, I strive to visually rewrite the lacklustre narrative of black history and recontextualize blackness as beautiful, heroic, and embodying infinite power and potential which has not been afforded to us throughout time. When history and art merge, timeless legacies are created, immortalized in visual representations. My artwork is my way of paying homage to the ancestors, while inspiring others to reconnect with their history.


Jessi Jumanji is a 27-year-old Memphis, Tennessee-raised visual artist with a passion for African culture, black history, and nature. Exploring the style of Afrofuturism, her artwork pays homage to the black experiences of the past, present, and future. Her collages were most recently displayed in Paris, France at the 2nd annual “Black(s) to the Future Festival” in September 2017. She was also featured in the AfroPunk publication for her work in July 2017.


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Jewels, Part 2
16″x12″; digital collage; 2017

Jewels, Part 3
16″x12″; digital collage; 2017

Jewels, Part 4
16″x12″; digital collage; 2017