Jolie Nunez-Noggle

10’x8″; canvas panel ,paint, texture medium, paper doll, anagram game letter tiles, wooden die cuts and glitter; 2020

Jolie Nunez-Noggle
Union City, Indiana, USA


Jolie creates mixed media collage art with pretty images and ugly words. She has many different styles but one favorite is mixing cute things with horror and/or lyrics from her favorite songs. She creates chaos on canvas then attempts to make it pretty with vintage images and lots of glitter.


Jolie Nunez-Noggle (aka “Jolie Ruin”) is a mixed media and collage artist from a small town in Indiana. She runs Riot Grrrl Press with her husband Jamie. They sell zines, books, t-shirts, feminist art and lots more.

She started doing collage art in 2010. Now she also does mixed media and some assemblage. She is inspired by riot grrrl music and kinderwhore fashion. She has always been obsessed with antiques and vintage magazines, and uses that aesthetic in her art. She mostly uses found objects, dolls, plastic toys, vintage paper dolls, images from magazines from the 1940s and 1950s and lots of glitter.

She is a big comedy fan and tries to use humor in a lot of her art. She is Latina and also a feminist and she tries to represent people of color and present feminist issues in her work.

Jolie has been publishing her own zines for over 20 years and has done three art books. She also has some art that will be appearing in an upcoming Netflix movie called Moxie.


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Eat Your Heart Out
11″x14″; canvas panel, paint, glitter, paper dolls ,wooden die cuts, glitter heart die cut, plastic doll utensils, anagram game letter tiles; 2020
Some Girls #2
14″x11″; canvas panel, paint, glitter, paper doll, wooden die cuts, anagram game letter tiles; 2020
The Heart Cat
12″x9″; canvas panel, paint, glitter, cardstock; 2019
Feed Your Head
12.5″x10.5″x1″; picture frame, paint, plastic doll, wooden scrabble tiles, sterling silver charms; 2019