Jon Boxerman

20″x16″; paper and glue; 2008

Jon Boxerman
Lafayette, California, USA


I am an artist with a passion for exploring the ways in which culture and cognition shape our perception of the world around us. I believe that context is key to conveying meaning, and that the viewer plays a
vital role in constructing their own interpretations. Through collage, I seek to create new meanings through reassembly of cut paper in unexpected ways. I blur the line between what is real and surreal, eliciting an experience that evokes emotions, reactions, and perceptions and leading to the construction of new and different understandings.

One concept that motivates my art is the idea of hierarchy status. I challenge power structures through the portrayal of people and animals in my work. I have begun to explore AI as a medium for extending the life of my collages.

Overall, my work is a reflection of my love for exploring the ways in which we assign value and meaning to the images and ideas that surround us, and the potential for art to challenge and subvert the hierarchies that shape our world.


Jon Boxerman resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. He studied art and science in college and enjoys cutting up books and recombining images in surprising and sometimes humorous ways. For several decades collaging has been an indispensable source of inspiration.


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Sergeant Sound
17″x11″; paper and glue; 2010
Summer of 2020
16″x12″; paper and glue; 2020
12″x12″; paper and glue; 2022
Greener Pastures
24″x24″; paper and glue; 2023