Jordan Wade

I Love You Like Sea Water
1402×1000 pixels; digital; 2017

Jordan Wade
Cave Creek, Arizona, USA


Most of my art specializes in surreal, humorous, and oddly-intriguing collage works. I use vintage photographs from
all kinds of sources, such as old National Geographic archives, mid-century comic books, autochrome images from the early 1900s, and even Tumblr. To a lesser extent I make glitch art, with techniques like databending, cloning and distortion filters in Photoshop.


Hello. My name is Jordan Wade, and I’m a digital collage artist from Phoenix, Arizona. I go under the name @jordanleewade on Instagram, and as jordanleewadeartwork on Tumblr. Being self-taught, I hope to gain more exposure in the coming future as I improve my craft, whether it be through online/print publications or through exhibitions. My submission to Unvael Journal‘s Fourth Issue was featured on the front page of Ello, and I am currently exploring other prints and online mediums.


(602) 592-7460
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Bought Her a Brand New, Red Cadillac
1777×1265 pixels; digital; 2018

Rancid, Rancid, Rancid
1176×1200 pixels; digital; 2018

Composite 1.7A
1800×2000 pixels; digital; 2018

Voltaire on Vacay
2298×1800 pixels; digital; 2017