Maghan McDowell

The Hand
11″x8.5″; paper and glue; 2016

Maghan McDowell
San Francisco, California, USA


I make collage art the old-fashioned way: with paper, scissors and glue. As a lifelong collector of books and magazines, I love finding a new purpose for old images. Thus, while I edit and merge words for my job as a journalist, I edit and re-imagine images for my artwork. Many of my pieces do not have one inherent meaning, but they are often guided by the tension between the beauty and the agony of life in a nod to the Dutch masters. I am decidedly colour-centric, often gravitating toward elements from the natural world, such as flowers and planets, and sexual, fashion-world pieces. My aesthetic has been called “feral,” but ultimately, I just aspire to make pretty pictures–with a point of view.


Maghan McDowell is a San Francisco-based journalist and collage artist. She reports on the fashion business and technorati culture for a range of local, national and international publications. After reporting on fashion designers who discovered collage artists on Instagram, she merged her highly visual and tactile sensibilities to become a collage artist herself. Since then, McDowell’s hand-cut analog collage works have become known for their vibrant colours and surreal, fashion-world influences. And in a fitting, full-circle twist, her collage sneakers–which are made by converting her original pieces into custom prints–have become in-demand for their ability to make art accessible, wearable and on-trend.


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Sweet Sorrow
17″x14″; paper and glue; 2017

The Astronaut
18″x24″; paper and glue; 2017

Natural Beauty (4-part series)
each: appox. 11″x8.5″; paper and glue; 2017

Two Girls
18″x24″; paper and glue; 2017