Julia Still

I Will Always Be Behind You
5″x4″; paper and matte board; 2015

Julia Still
Saint Crépin d’Ibouvillers, France


My statement is briefly “Where Dreamtime Becomes Reality”. Worlds exist without barriers or seams. I live in realms of potential, magical leaps and where Nature is inextricable and sacred. My images are created traditionally-with scissors, glue and canvas board. I never lose patience with one of my images as they lead me to unexpected possibilities and lightning twists. I simply keep my eyes and heart open.


I am a self-trained collage artist. I studied 19th French literature both in the U.S. and France, my specialty being animal symbolism in the works of Balzac. Since I was a child, the world of symbols became a form of communication and I have continued this through my collage work. I have exhibited in the U.S., the United Kingdom and now in France. I believe that my central achievement is a passion and dedication to my imagination, my unconscious and my heart expressed through my images.


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A Gathering of Awe
16″x11.7″; paper, blue velvet fabric glued on canvas; 2003
On the Good Ship We’ll See
10″x8″; paper on canvas board; 2018
Shamanic Tracking
10″x8″; paper on canvas board; 2018
Leonardo’s Dream
10″x8″; paper on canvas board; 2017