Leah Dockrill

Just Another Day at the Beach
8″x8″; magazine pages, found images, original photography, on birch panel; 2017

Leah Dockrill
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Leah Dockrill says about her work and herself:
I left the practice of law in the mid-nineties and devoted all my energy to painting–small watercolours on paper and large acrylic works on canvas–with an occasional foray into the mystique of digital art. When a health event caused me to take a break of several months from standing at my big easel, because I could no longer physically stand at my big easel for more than a half hour at a time, I looked for some other artful pursuit. I was leafing through some of my art books and came upon Jack Shadbolt’s Act of Art (McClelland and Stewart, 1981). His amazing crazy collages I had seen many times, of course. The book had been in my collection for years. This time, what I found as inspiring as the images were his introductory essay and his poem “Act of Art”.

Every time I start that unique peculiar process that is the creation of collage, I am thinking Shadbolt’s sentiments “…with each mounting phase implications blaze…” This medium is such a seductive and delicious one.

My collages are mostly small, figurative anecdotes, fashioned from hand-cut magazine pages, prints of my own photographs or digital art, images provided by public domain collections, fine art papers, or bits and pieces of whatever seems appropriate. I use either stretched canvas or birch panels as substrate. I either leave the support bare, or paint it, or photo transfer one or two layers of images and then paint it. No rules.

From the time I started working with this art form, three themes emerged: the Victorians, forties/fifties nostalgia, and alternative facts (only slightly surreal).

I have been an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists since 2000. My paintings have been exhibited in many public galleries and commercial venues mostly in Ontario and Quebec. I am looking forward to exhibiting some of my collages in the near future. I live in Toronto with husband and cats.


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Now Let Us Turn to the Women’s Page
20″x20″; magazine pages, found images, on stretched canvas; 2017

She Said I Should Meet Her Here
10″x8″; magazine pages, original photography, on birch panel; 2017

She Tended Her Garden
10″x8″; magazine pages, original photography, found images and text, on birch panel; 2017

Style Central
12″x12″; magazine pages on painted stretched canvas with phototransfer image; 2017