Justine Laeufer

Nothing Waits Forever
48″x32″; ditone prints on Hahnemühle Paper; 2019

Justine Laeufer
Berlin, Germany


Uncomfortably beautiful, timelessly punk, disturbingly fragile are the works of the internationally renowned photographer and collage artist Justine Laeufer.

A book project in 2014 heralded the beginning of this “liberating creativity”. “As a photographer, the commercial constraints in the fashion world increasingly took the joy out of my work. With the discovery of collage, I had no restrictions and could work without compromise”.

With her collages, the photographer opened up a new field with expressive possibilities that go far beyond pure photography. Each of the exclusively analogue works is handmade down to the last detail and thus unique. Inspired by Dadaism, Constructivism and London Punk, the photographer and collage artist has since created “collisions of visions, papers, structures and thoughts”. It is about “engaging with parts that do not fit together as expected and yet harmonise”. It is also about external conflicts: “rebellion versus conformity”, “digital versus analogue”, “feminism versus masculinity”. On a more personal level, “fragility versus strength”, “nostalgia versus living in the here and now”.

For her mostly large-format works, Justine Laeufer exclusively uses her own photographs. She deconstructs her photographic work, reconstructing new personas and identities from the individual parts of different faces, she merges these together to create captivating imagery that leaves a lasting impression.


Justine Laeufer is a London-born autodidact fine art photographer who has had a career that has spanned over 25 years. Looking for new channels of creative freedom in 2014 she started re-working her own archive and specially commissioned photographs into analogue collage form, creating three dimensional pieces of art.

Justine Laeufer´s work is about collision in its many forms, with nods to dada, constructivism and punk, on which she draws her inspiration.

What sets her collage work apart is that she determines the scale of the collages, as she works exclusively with her own material, the largest currently being 120 cm (47″) high.

Her collage work has been exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions and her work has been published in numerous


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No Where to Go
28″x17.7″; ditone prints on Hahnemühle Paper; 2021
Time Leaves Me Now
31.5″x23.6″; ditone prints on Hahnemühle Paper; 2022
Let’s See Where This Takes Me
47″x33.3″; ditone prints on Hahnemühle Paper; 2019
Feed Your Soul
47″x34.3″; ditone prints on Hahnemühle Paper, Molotow markers, acrylic paint; 2021