Leah Mack

Russian River
9.5″x16.5″; magazine pieces, watercolor, ink, on paper; 2016

Leah Mack
Fort Collins, Colorado, USA


I like to play with nature’s internal contradictions. But stopping there isn’t satisfying. The most mysterious contradictions and relationships happen between humans and the natural world. There is a great emotional impact in depth of this coexistence and that is where I am digging.

My work always starts with collage (analog). I am most inspired by other artists’ photographic works, especially those that represent people and the natural world. I start by collecting and compiling images, taping them down first so there is freedom to keep changing the composition. I then use drawing and painting to join collaged images and create new environments in order to make the piece cohesive. I love to make unexpected connections and hidden surprises that take time to discover in my collages.

Currently, I am focused on my collaborations with another artist to turn my collages into music videos. To do this, my collage-making process is filmed and then, using adobe software, is videocomposited, which means video is added to the still images used in the analog collage to make “video collages”.


I grew up exploring the forest behind my house in Conifer, Colorado surrounded by creative family members who fortunately encouraged my experimentation in the arts. I graduated from college with an environmental studies degree, but college is where I really started to understand my love of visual art. After college I started collaborating with a composer to make album art from my collage work. The two of us still collaborate by making collaged music videos. One such music video was shown in the Horsetooth Film Festival 2020, and another will be shown for the same festival Fall 2022.

I currently experiment with with collage, drawing, painting (watercolor, ink, and acrylic), and video.


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11″x14″; magazine pieces, watercolor, ink, acrylic, graphite, on canvas board; 2019
Golden Eagle
6″x14″; magazine pieces, watercolor, colored pencil, ink, graphite, paper; 2018
Sandpiper Migration
12″x12″; magazine pieces, watercolor, graphite, ink, on canvas; 2017
A Quiet Hour
12″x9″; magazine pieces, watercolor, graphite, ink, pastel, on paperboard; 2019