Kate Cuthbert

11.7″x8.3″; paper from books and magazines; 2018

Kate Cuthbert
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia


Kate’s collages are created with material found in modern and vintage magazines and books, and any other found print matter. She works with scissors and trusty her X-acto knife to hand cut and assemble and glue her collage art works. She finds inspiration from life experiences, channels her current mood and likes to throw in a little humour too! Kate enjoys experimenting with differing styles of collage, evident in her body of work. She is continually evolving as an artist and constantly searching for new ways to express herself through her art.


Kate Cuthbert was born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia. Having studied Interior and Furniture Design, she moved to designing & making jewellery. She has successfully and profoundly landed herself in the art of collage. Her collage making processes have taken over the very essence of her life. She draws inspiration from “anywhere and everywhere!” whether it is humor or life experiences; all of which play a large role in her art making process.

“I work with anything and everything, primarily paper. Nothing collagable is safe!

I love vintage magazines, mainly for the advertising, and National Geographic magazines are always a great source. I can’t pass an op shop without looking through the books. I cut with both scissors and an X-acto knife, depending on the image and paper quality.” Kate’s collages are all analogue without being subject to any digital manipulation.

Kate has exhibited in Adelaide, San Francisco and Norway. She is also a member of the Gli Informali International Collage Artist Collective. Published alongside international collage artists in the prestigious Collage Collective Co Annual in 2015 and 2017 and in the New York publication Satellite Journal. Her work can also be found on Sleep Squared pyjamas and she has provided artwork for local bands’ album covers.


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The Last of the Ladies
11.7″x8.3″; paper from books and magazines; 2018

The Willow Green
11.7″x8.3″; paper from books and magazines; 2019

Upon My Brow
11.7″x8.3″; paper from books and magazines; 2019

She and Her
11.7″x8.3″; paper collage; 2017