Rob Benders

For Grabs
11.8″x8″; mixed media; 2016

Rob Benders
Tegelen, The Netherlands


At first glimpse, my handmade, analog collage art is a conceptually trashy mash-up of messy cut-and-paste work. Composed out of pieces of my own photos, lyrics, drawings, tape, plastic, paper, paint, cloth, stamps, stickers and stuff I find around. Some influences: street art, chocolate, glamrock, coincidence, claustrophobia, fake news, photography, post punk, poetry and people. But at second sight?


My unconditional love for modern art took off in the mid-nineties, when I was confronted with a series of paintings Austrian artist Hundertwasser made on his ship, The Regentag. At that time, I studied cultural and social work (specialization: art). Lacking talent for painting that was equally powerful, I started creating my own interpretations by mixing parts of my drawings with magazine clippings.

As a youth worker, I began integrating collage art in social activities. I noticed that this approach caused major transformations in many young minds. In 2011, I started the Regentag platform, from which a number of inspired specialist art educators cooperate to freshen the (un)hidden talents of participants. From this anchor, my average week consists of working with teachers and school principals, convincing them how valuable art education is. I show them how to work out the programs I have developed by interacting live in class, museum or art centre with their students of literally all ages. My collage philosophy is to share knowledge, colour, shape, lyrics and visuals. Crucial is to mix students’ talents into school systems to make education more attractive and much more fun for both students ánd teachers.

At the same time, my own collage works find their way into exhibitions, public areas, publications and exhibitions. Meeting the artists at these international events was a major reason to co-found the Collagistas Festival and start several other artistic collaborations. Never a dull moment!


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11.8″x8″; mixed media; 2015

16.5″x8.7″; mixed media; 2017

13.8″x13.8″; mixed media; 2014

Le Martchitect at Home zu Hause
14″x18″; mixed media; 2017