Kellette Elliott

Life Is Full of Explosions
11″x8″; magazine; 2019

Kellette Elliott
Clackamas, Oregon, USA


I made a resolution in 2018 to create art every day to be a role model to my students. About mid-2018, I had a vision of a simple collage with a strong negative white space surrounding the art. I took to my sketchbook and created Playing God. I truly felt inspired. I appreciate vintage source images as they make me nostalgic for my childhood. I continued to make analog collages, soon finding inspiration with circles. I enjoy creating almost a portal into another world where my my main subject looks into it like it’s another dimension. Because I’m creating daily, I also like to work with full-size background images as well as bold flat colours that let the viewer imagine what the space represents. I enjoyed my resolution so much from 2018, I decided to continue through 2019. My mom passed away as the year turned, and I found my collage work to be an important part of the grieving process.


Since earning my BFA and MS in the visual arts at Old Dominion University, I’ve been a high school art educator now residing in Oregon, USA. I was a professional graphic designer and animator before teaching, but analog collage is really where my heart is right now. I won second place in a national juried art show in 2013 for a mixed media collage. Since then, I was chosen for the Edinburgh Collage Collective postcard contest, I have done a three shows here in Portland, Oregon, I was chosen for the “Todo Loco 2” collage show in Colombia. I have also done collaborations with creative agencies like Bobolink and Vermú. I was chosen to be featured with Artists of Oregon. I have done private commissions as well as an album cover for Flowergraves Band. I’ve sold over 65 pieces and continue to make collages regularly.


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Come Fly with Me
7″x5″; magazine; 2019

magazine; 2019

magazine; 2019

magazine, coloured paper; 2019