Nancy Kam

Message from the Inside
1000 x 778 pixels; ink & Cray-Pas on paper, Photoshop; 2018

Nancy Kam
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


This series of artwork originates from A Little Black Book and A Little Yellow Book of quick sketches made from the early 2000s. They consist of ink drawings, some Cray-Pas colouring, printed material, a painting and digital images. Once scanned into my computer, they became newly worked collages with Photoshop.


From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Nancy is currently a collage artist and graphic designer, but she’s shifting more to her metaphysical studies as she explores her fascination with human nature. She defiantly chose not to pursue any formal art training (despite her parents’ gentle urges as a teen) but has been privately creating things her whole life to maintain her sanity. Her style is reluctant, lazy, cheap and haphazard which fight against her imposing perfectionism.


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Who Am I to Say?
660 x 1000 pixels; ink on paper, printed material, digital images, Photoshop; 2018

Take a Look
660 x 1000 pixels; ink on paper, Photoshop; 2018

Wizard Dimensions
660 x 1000 pixels; ink & Cray-Pas on paper, printed material, Photoshop; 2018

Questioning My Soul
1100 x 1920 pixels; acrylic on canvas, digital images, Photoshop; 2018