Wilma Millette

Moto Metro
7″x7″; original 1947 map of Paris Metro, high quality reproduction on rag photo paper of vintage motorcycle and owl, original vintage stamp on wooden cradle; 2019

Wilma Millette
Duncan, British Columbia, Canada


Wilma creates curiously creative collage and assemblage artwork featuring original antique papers, maps, and found objects. Wilma likes to combine in unexpected ways, to create a narrative that gives them new life and relevance. Her work is sometimes dark and provocative, other times whimsical and humorous. She is drawn to the fine papers of the 19th and early 20th centuries. They are so beautifully made; from the quality of the paper, to the penmanship and the decorative graphics. Everyday objects from the past, such as a skeleton key or an optical lens, are things of beauty and make wonderful art supplies. She often layers her collages with gesso, ink, paint and wax, to provide depth and tone.

A visit to her studio is like stepping into a cabinet of curiosities. You will be intrigued.


Wilma Millette lives on beautiful Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada. She holds a BA from the University of Alberta and BED from The University of Victoria. She has taught art to young children for over 30 years, and organized and curated popular annual art exhibitions for her students. She has been exploring Collage and Assemblage for 15 years. It is the playful nature of Collage that first drew her to this art form and has kept her interested, as the possibilities are never ending. She has exhibited on Vancouver Island at various group shows and small galleries. She has won awards for her Collage and Assemblage work in juried shows. Wilma participates in open studio tours twice a year as well as various local shows and exhibitions. She offers Collage Workshops for beginners in her home studio a few times a year.


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Jane Eyre in the Lab
7″x7″; original document from 1898, high quality reproduction on rag photo paper of vintage portrait; antique printer number, antique typewriter key, antique gears on wooden cradle; 2017

Standing Firm
14″x4″; vintage cigar box, high quality reproduction of vintage photo on rag photo paper, antique optical lens, found metal serial number, snippet from a vintage postcard of a lighthouse; 2016

Swimming in the Salish Sea
14″x18″; original vintage atlas map snippets, high quality reproduction of sea creatures on rag photo paper, vintage clock face image, encaustic wax, crackle medium, gesso on wooden cradle; 2018

Time Keeper
12″x12″; original ledger from 1903, photo of a raven on rag photo paper, vintage pen nibs, antique key, vintage clock face, vintage military pin, vintage watch casing, vintage watch gears, antique typewriter striker key; 2018