Kim Rae Taylor

Spatial Matters: Movement
30″x22″; mixed media on Stonehenge paper; 2022

Kim Rae Taylor
West Palm Beach, Florida, USA


This body of work explores both the resilience and fragility of the natural world as it’s breached by an ever-growing consumer culture. Materials are purposeful in the work I create, even as I utilize refuse as a way to up-cycle and recast meaning. My collage work is usually rooted in drawing, allowing more traditional media to interact with castoff bits like discarded paper, shards of plastic, vinyl, and signage. These elements unexpectedly inform one another as they converge, much like a puzzle. Some of the collage material is nothing more than litter plucked off the street but it’s often the random clutter from my studio floor that offers the most opportunity for dismantling and reinventing older drawings and paintings. This improvisational way of creating imagery always draws from nature as subject matter. The ebb and flow, growth and decay, of both the natural and the manmade are in a continuous state of transformation: an abnormal dichotomy between the disposable goods we consume and the natural world we need.


Kim Rae Taylor is an American artist and educator. She works with a variety of themes that draw from nature, language and gender. She currently serves as Associate Professor of Fine Art for the University of Cincinnati Clermont College. Taylor received an MFA from the College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP) at the University of Cincinnati, and BFA from The College of Fine Arts of The University of Texas at Austin. Additional studies include the University of Georgia, Cortona, Italy, and the Metáfora Center for Art Therapy Studies, Barcelona, Spain. Taylor began her professional career as a background artist in cartoon animation, and later worked as an illustrator and product designer. Her work has been exhibited in a variety of venues across the U.S. and abroad, including artist residencies at Taipei Artist Village, Red Gate Beijing, the Cill Rialaig Project, County Kerry, Ireland, and the Armory Art Center in West
Palm Beach, Florida.


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Spatial Matters: Growth
30″x22″; mixed media on Stonehenge paper; 2022
Spatial Matters: Buoyancy
30″x22″; mixed media on Stonehenge paper; 2021
30″x22″; mixed media on Stonehenge paper; 2022
Scroll 5
72″x36″x2″; mixed media, acrylic and ink mounted on wood panel; 2016