Kon Markogiannis

Divine Decay 39
23.6″x16.8″; mixed media photo collage; 2016

Kon Markogiannis
Thessaloniki, Greece


I have an interest in themes such as memory, mortality, spirituality, the human condition, the exploration of the human psyche and the evolution of consciousness. I embrace the indexical qualities of photography and its immediate impact on the viewer, but what I am mainly concerned with are the ways “reality” can be transformed. By manipulating the photographic medium and combining it with other media such as collage I am able to develop a personal and simultaneously transpersonal language which negotiates between subjective art and the photographic document. I see my work as a kind of weapon against the ephemeral or, as Vilém Flusser would say, a “hunt for new states of things” (Towards a Philosophy of Photography, 2000) .


Kon Markogiannis is an experimental photographer-collage artistvisual poet. He has been exhibiting his art for many years (mainly in Greece and the UK) and his work has been featured in various books, journals and magazines. His university studies include a BA in Visual Communication Design, an MA in Photography and a Doctorate in Fine Art. He currently lives and works in Thessaloniki, Greece.


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Grafik 9
9.8″x6.66″; collage; 2019
Hollywood 01
10.2″x6.8″; collage; 2020
Konstruktion 8
6.9″x9.4″; mixed media collage; 2019
Divine Decay 14
15.6″x21.65″; photo collage; 2016